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Strategies that give you precise solutions.

International Brand Consulting Corporation (IBC) works with the world’s leading companies, organizations, governments, and enterprises. Helping our clients lead through transformational changes, capture value from customers, create organization models, and increase the effectiveness of their assets and supply chain into their core strategy to ensure the businesses’ resilience.

In today’s fast-paced and highly competitive environment, business leaders may often overlook a fundamental principle: building upon their strengths. That’s why, by recognizing their areas of excellence and aligning their capabilities and strategies accordingly, they can shape their future and define their competitive position.

Customer Strategy Business Strategy Strategy Review & Development Technology Strategy New Market Strategy Operations Strategy

Leading companies are prioritizing customer strategy because achieving the right balance between customer value and business value is crucial for companies. We assist our clients in assessing their customer landscape, identifying key segments, and consistently engaging with them across all touchpoints, from products to brand messaging.

Collaborating with IBC’s teams, we help clients strategically plan the right mix of business, experience, and technology to drive meaningful change from the outset of our engagement. Our goal is to deliver results that redefine your business and establish a strong foundation for future growth.

Clients must navigate a new economy fueled by technology and change in today's dynamic world while handling a number of risks and difficulties like disruption and globalization. As a result, businesses need to reconsider where they fit in the value chain and figure out how to gain a competitive advantage. This can necessitate changing their basic operations or implementing new company strategies.

We use strategic planning processes and technologies to help clients succeed and perform better. In order to position our customers for long-term success, our collaborative strategy focuses on finding distinguishing competencies, decreasing expenses to reinvest in growth, harnessing digitization, and evaluating potential prospects.

Our business strategy services include:

  • Organic growth
  • Corporate strategy
  • Portfolio strategy
  • Pricing and profitability
  • Strategic planning
  • Shareholder value strategy

IBC helps you in reviewing, enhancing, or creating their comprehensive corporate or business unit strategies. Our approach begins with establishing high-level objectives, defining vision and mission statements, and determining risk appetite and other constraints. We then provide guidance on making strategic decisions on areas such as industry sectors or product categories, geographies, value chain stages, customer segments, and channels.

IBC collaborates with clients to seamlessly integrate and leverage cutting-edge technologies across business units while also fostering customer trust and aligning with organizational culture. Our solutions improve analytic capabilities, optimize operational excellence through modernized systems and architecture, and enhance the delivery of products and services.

We offer bold and pragmatic solutions that not only address present challenges but also drive results for an unpredictable future. To achieve a lasting competitive advantage, it is imperative to have a sound technology strategy that delivers operational excellence, agility, and innovation. IBC has the expertise and global reach to assist with strategy design, implementation, and beyond.

Our new market penetration strategy helps in expanding your reach into new markets and geographies. This encompasses both established and emerging markets, consumer and business/commercial markets, mainstream, and niche product areas, direct and intermediated markets, and new and innovative markets enabled by the rapid evolution of financial services. Our market entry strategies have a proven track record of success, unlocking opportunities for growth and long-term value creation for our clients.

For many years, IBC has been at the forefront of assisting clients in bettering and reimagining their business operations. We have established ourselves as leading authorities in operations planning with outstanding vision, earning the moniker "practical strategists." 

Our priority as a member of the IBC is to translate vision into reality. We work together with the teams of our clients to transform their capability systems and provide immediate solutions to issues while fostering future resilience. We want to increase automation, boost productivity, cut expenses, and speed up growth for more effective production, improved customer satisfaction scores, and a more robust corporate culture. Our approach is around turning strategy into observable results.