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Digital Services

Digital Transformation & Strategy

Analyzing the risks and making plans in advance is vital tosucceeding in the digital age. IBC can assist you in determining how digital trends will impact your market, customers, business, and supply chain with the help of our digital strategy and transformation services. The distinctive qualities of digital goods, solutions, and business models, including their various economics and strategic priorities, are taken into account in the strategy and transformation roadmap we design by rigorously assessing these elements.

We take a variety of things into account, such as your corporate goals, risk tolerance, and investment interests, to offer you a full range of strategic options. This helps you be better equipped to organize your investments for long-term profitability, spot possible acquisitions, and promote organizational progress.

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The success of a business in the market nowadays depends on its online presence. It includes their go-to-market strategy, the success of their digital distribution methods, their selection of digital products, and their enabling resources and skills. Businesses can have a better grasp of their present digital capabilities and spot any gaps that require addressing by comparing this digital footprint with customer expectations and the competitors.

That’s where IBC comes in. With the help of our expert team and cutting-edge technology, we help businesses may assess the opportunities and threats, which helps them determine their short- and long-term digital objectives.

Providing a better user experience entails optimizing all significant consumer touchpoints throughout their journey, attending to their basic needs, and, ideally, going above and beyond their expectations. Whether you are a consumer-facing store or an industrial component supplier, customer preferences for dealing with vendors and defining outstanding service are quickly changing in the digital age. 

With our digital services, we help you understand these shifting and act on them to not only increase your customer happiness but also provide you with a huge competitive advantage that will keep them coming back.

Digital technologies like augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), analytics and data visualization tools, and digital twins are transforming not only the product offerings and delivery patterns of businesses but also how work is done, and choices are made. We help you unlock the potential of these technologies, establish a competitive edge, and experience sustained success in cutthroat marketplaces by implementing digital best practices, including organizational and process reforms.

A thorough awareness of the numerous digital and physical channels that are currently available to businesses, as well as the capacity to negotiate the complexity of altering legacy strategies and investments, are necessary for developing an effective channel strategy. In order to maximize sales and marketing reach and profitability while also addressing inherent conflicts, a strong omnichannel strategy is essential. That’s why we help you create an impactful digital plan. Moreover, our team assists you in creating and implementing a thorough channel strategy that addresses the specific demands of your company and places you in a strong position to succeed in the market today.

Digital branding plays a vital role in establishing your company's position, trustworthiness, excellence, and expertise, regardless of its size, industry, or standing. A powerful and enduring brand strategy can provide your business with a significant global advantage when it comes to selling your products or services. At our company IBC, we have a team of digital branding experts who can tailor branding solutions according to your business requirements.

Our flagship product, News PR Wire, is the world's largest digital media platform, which allows us to publish press releases and news that reach more than 100 million people globally every month. We ensure that every piece of news published by us appears on the top of Google searches and other social media platforms. Additionally, we will send your brand/company’s news to over 10 thousand newspapers & news reporters in 150 countries across the globe.