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Our Services

Our Services

Our company extends a broad spectrum of services to our individual and business clients. Our customers profit by receiving personalized, class co-operation that is ahead of any comparison. We have pitched the services that we extend to our customers, followed with a brief description. Our services go beyond the traditional market extension, please reach out to resolve your query about any business service. If it is not one of those services we can render, we would be delighted to introduce you to an adequate professional from our network.

  • Strategy- We assist clients from private and public companies, and start-ups with our established and devoted strategy services to assist them to conceive significant developments in their companies. Our employees work alongside our clients on strategic market planning, new business models and tested market strategies, transforming the organizational growth and accelerating organizational change. We render the best systems and wisdom gained from the tremendous experience of working in a multitude of industries.
  • Consulting- Whether your business is enduring difficulties with business practice, internal processes or requires a new market approach to reflect your fruitful future, we are here to support. Our consulting services can benefit you to accommodate ever-changing business dynamics and recapitulate the market, no matter the menaces your business might be meeting. We offer tools to empower critical work excellence which can help depreciate or anticipate an interruption in your business operations.
  • Digital- Our exceptional digital service offerings are planned to support you defend and advance your company and customer satisfaction through innovative client commitment policies, automated processes and global networks. If you comprehend what your clients are exploring, you will understand what to arrange for them. Allow us to apprise you and remodel your company so you can develop, balance and succeed in this competitive digital age. We have the World’s largest digital media platform News PR Wire for publishing press release and news. It reaches more than 100 million people worldwide per month. We make sure that every press release or news published by us should appear on the top on google search as well as on other social media platforms. We also provide news to more than 10 thousand newspapers in 150 countries globally.
  • Advisory- Given the quantity of growth that is currently taking place in the world, both in the public and private sectors, we provide a wide range of advisory services leveraging IBC's expertise and global best practices to efficiently leverage the entire development initiative. Our business advisory department creates and provides customized, creative and detailed solutions for different clients.

Strategy Services

  • Business Strategy- Businesses want to be convinced that every option has been examined and that it can be executed. It entails a partner whose knowledge and a comprehensive locus on the client harmonizes industry-leading perspicacity. Through our unparalleled and tailor-made model, we operate with clients to Describe, Observe, Select, and Release a procedure that accomplishes a permanent influence. Depending on the range and complexity of the implementation, International Brand Consulting Corporation can boost client teams to administer the project so that the aggressive dominance is accomplished by a distinct, focused, and profoundly motivated organization. Workshops and real-time reporting are employed to guarantee that company strategy, business transmutation, and organizational transformation applications mature into existing materiality.
  • Technology Strategy- Developing self-regulation and interjecting modern technology can be a game-changer for companies. Still, it necessitates substantial up-front preparation and intellectual evaluation and interpretation of the more significant representation. Frequently, companies plummet directly into the implementation without contemplating their approach and estimating the contemporary and aspired position of their considerable business methods. International Brand Consulting Corporation accommodates its clients to make the appropriate judgments by exercising decisive attention to the prevailing environment and recognizing where and how it should evolve. Technology is the fountainhead of all operative processes. Be assured that your business is equipped to manage the right self-regulation rather than the self-regulation counter-attacking you.
  • Operations Strategy- We implement an overall structure for fundamental configuration, set-up, and alterations of the service value chain to align with operations procedure and administration aspirations. We assist clients in establishing command services to oversee capabilities such as service system composition, performance regularity, position and set-up of functions, internal connections or associations, and the assortment of empowering technology and preparation and control systems. Once preferences are set, we accommodate clients to define goals and extend the required decisive capacities to produce and nurture success. This underlying diplomatic structure authenticates the company's range of operations and designs a fitting setting for performance management.
  • Marketing Strategy- Having a powerful marketing strategy is quintessential for any establishment coveting to enhance regional or international communication, strengthen brand recognition, produce media engagement, arouse customer interest, stimulate sales and increase market share. International Brand Consulting Corporation specializes in stabilizing distinct approaches adjusted to the different aspirations and resources and developing the customers' purchasing inclinations and requirements. This accouches prosperous B2B and B2C retailing strategies for large-scale public, private, and charitable organizations and employs an integrated, multi-layered plan to marketing communications. Our team consolidates the extensive broadness of investigation and preparation expertise from data science, and users experience through conventional market inquiry and educational listening practices. By adopting energetic procedures, we scale analysis to accommodate your necessities and pick the instruments that adequately fit your budget.

Consulting Services

  • Business Consulting- From amplifying consumer expectations to surfacing business methods to penetrate into quick-witted corporations, businesses today are at more risk for perplexity than ever. Whether you're encountering difficulties with business training, internal processes, or a new business approach to reflect your envisioned expectation, we are here to help. Our industry advisory services can help you readjust to current business dynamics and recommence to strive no matter what menaces you might be overlooking. We have modern strategies to enable optimal functioning, which can depreciate or anticipate an interruption in your business.
  • Management Consulting- Remodel the way your company functions and examine the influence on your business. When you straighten your company policy and intentions with people, methods, technology, and data, you can optimize your operations. As your strategic companion, we will be there for you at each step of the process. At International Brand Consulting Corporation, our Management Consulting Services address actionable clarifications to existing market provocations that traverse across tech, data, and economics. Our experts accommodate companies with necessary administration and transformational perspicacity, gathered through years of practice. Together, we operate with you to produce intellectual, pragmatic administration, and recommendations.
  • Sales & Marketing Consulting- International Brand Consulting Corporation strengthens top-notch sales and service businesses, equipping them to take on the evolving business atmosphere. Punctiliously regulating people, processes, and automation at globally acknowledged corporations, our sales consulting specialists implement the maneuverings and accessories you require to ensure that you have the best-looking personalities in the appropriate positions, following the relevant rules. With over a decade of sales consulting experience and nuanced business awareness, we stimulate innovation in compensation and dominion arrangement, sales process improvement, and capability optimization. International Brand Consulting Corporation is uniquely equipped to reconstruct your sales and service business from the ground up because we understand what serves.
  • HR Consulting- International Brand Consulting Corporation is a preeminent supplier of corporate procurement and human resource consulting and outsourcing to startup, mid-market, and commanding upright companies worldwide. Our business theories are established on rendering innovative human capital resolutions to assist organizations in building extraordinary functioning institutions and triumph in today's aggressive talent marketplace. To thrive, companies necessitate formulating powerful maneuverings for drawing, acquiring, and maintaining their crucial talent. Our resolution libations accommodate our customers with cost-efficient medians to encourage extraordinary operating teams and attract and retain the best facility available. We endeavor to frequently be the subject matter and practical masters in Human Capital Strategy.
  • Environmental Consulting- With currently progressing requirements for contractors, builders, companies, establishments, and governments to preserve the environment, International Brand Consulting Corporation is at the vanguard of implementing expert guidance in all environment-related matters. We have conducted numerous projects throughout the world and are appreciated as one of the environmental management leaders. We guide and support ecological concerns such as air quality index, green dissonance, discord & oscillation, botany, flood contingency, renewable power and sustainability, and environmental superintendence. Toiling intimately with our clients in the private and public sectors, we can support in meeting the requirements of Environmental Legislation and find Sustainable Resolutions to facilitate the preparation, installation, and operational aspects of new and existing projects.
  • Political Consulting- PC (Political Consultation) is the World's leading political & election campaign consulting, communications, research, and public affairs partner of choice for top political parties and politicians around the globe. We closely work with each and every client to establish their rapport, strengthen their reputations, address major challenges and win. We are driven by results. Winning is our habit, it is also in our DNA. We measure the success of our political campaigns and assignments with one yardstick only—and that’s SUCCESS. We know how to get your message across to those who may be willing to vote for you. Our whole focus is on how to get your message to maximum number of people who can vote in your favor. PC is famous for political consulting and overall campaign design, creating disciplined messages with advanced campaign mechanics to ensure victory. PC is owned by International Brand Consulting Corporation, USA, and our CEO Mr. Harry – Hemant Kaushik is regarded as one of the most influential political consultants around the globe. He has helped many top politicians win elections in more than 28 countries across the world and has more than 25 years of political consulting experience.

Advisory Services

Investments- Today's intricate and vibrant market compels a specialist approach. It exercises a segment professional to operate the intricate subtleties of every possibility to maximize it. At International Brand Consulting Corporation, you are partnered with remarkable business minds, furnishing you with discretional consultation on your various business requirements. Our experts contribute tailored guidance on when, where, and how to invest, and equip you with a multitude of investment products and resolutions concentrated on accomplishing your fiscal goals. So whether you resemble long-term investment assistance or require effective negotiating plans to realize daily exchange movements, our consultative aid will contribute to all your needs. The stock market for several people is a crapshoot, and they find the funds' lingo to be repugnant. But the actuality is something far away from that. Stocks are a viable investment prospect that proffers the investors' tremendous gains if the investment is made meticulously. Many brokers make the share market a preferred domain of investment for millions of investors. Stocks can give compound returns on investment that no other asset class can match. If you invest intelligently in the conceivably strong stocks, you are all set to realize hugely from your investment.

Mergers & Acquisitions- Our inclinations and aptitudes encompass both buy-side and sell-side advisory, extensive due diligence, integrity evaluations, valuation, agreements and conflicts, and real-estate considerations. Our team advises public and private organizations, commercial underwriters, family-owned businesses, and other individual companies in middle-market buy-side and sell-side mergers & acquisition transactions globally, with regional groups worldwide. International Brand Consulting Corporation has deep-rooted expertise in funds raising, trade advisory, and financial guarantor coverage. We converge border transaction teams to consolidate the local, industry, and specialized expertise to assist our clients.

Infrastructure- Shifting demographics, accelerated urbanization, technological transformations, and emerging client expectations lay tremendous stress on infrastructure projects in both government and private sectors. With the need for investable plans exceeding supply, organizations are summoned to deliver infrastructure projects that advance both productivity and life's essence. Sound decision-making that balances community needs, investor profit, adjustment to organization plan, and relevant risk modeling is necessary for prioritizing asset portfolios to satisfy customers' service performance needs. We strive to solve the hurdle government and private sector organizations encounter in prioritizing plans that will encourage each investment's most significant advantage. By blending expertise and straightening design work streams, we provide valid endorsements, design, acquisition, and development of vital infrastructure projects. We concentrate on explaining the core predicaments correlated with infrastructure investment from establishing the service need to conferring a precise and compelling business petition for funding. We embrace a genuine and speedy approach to assist organizations in understanding the intersections between the asset base and the service outcomes required.

Restructuring- Our track record encompasses pre-emptive deals, structuring and supervision on public expiations, inter-creditor, shareholder mediations, and negotiations of distressed companies, assets, debt, and equity exchange offers and restructuring, and a variety of other consultative services for a different client base. We endeavor to relinquish consensual arrangements that are in the best interests of our clients. We have authenticated records of brokering activities in the circumstances with divisive inter-creditor and shareholder concerns. We seem to distinguish imaginative tactical or diplomatic resolutions to unlock value in every case. We recognize that executing restructuring in distressed circumstances requires incremental experiences not always required within traditional M&A transactions. Some of these skills are accomplishing a highly levered acquirer or scapegoat, overseeing the bankruptcy process, conducting a valuation that can confront court examination, and managing integrated business conflicts among unconventional clientele.

Digital Services

Digital Competitive Analysis- We conduct a meticulous competitive examination of the competitor's digital forces and strategies. We distinguish the Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats, and Opportunities from a digital business panorama, combining foreseeable acumens your company can exercise to terminate notches and progress ahead of the competition. We implement accurate, tailor-made guidance to augment your digital presence and appearance.

Content Marketing- We acquire and retain your prospect audience and customers by producing and disseminating appropriate and marketable content, including email newsletters, blog posts, landing pages, e-books, and a lot more. Our expert and trained writers will amplify your digital propinquity and establish you as the market leader. Our experts have wide-ranging industrial and practical experience of several content marketing projects.

Digital Branding- No matter your company size, industry, or position, a durable, powerful, and perpetual brand maneuvering and plan accommodates your company's position, trustworthiness, excellence, and expertise. When it befalls vending your goods and services, those with an influential brand endure a tremendous global business advantage. Our digital branding experts are well-equipped to design custom branding solutions for your business types and needs. We have the World’s largest digital media platform News PR Wire for publishing press release and news. It reaches more than 100 million people worldwide per month. We make sure that every press release or news published by us should appear on the top on google search as well as on other social media platforms. We also provide news to more than 10 thousand newspapers in 150 countries globally.

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