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Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s Message

As a diversified business company, we are active in a wide range of services, including Advisory, Consultancy, Strategy & Digital Services.

In all business sectors, we are committed to amusing our stakeholders and generating extra ordinary results for our clients. Wherever we serve, we attempt to assure that IBC takes an equitable approach to all the stakeholders, and supplements value through our core aptitudes and market intelligence.

We also fulfill vital responsibility towards the community, individuals, and the neighboring atmosphere with in an extensive range of business and socially accountable leadership.

A focus component of our prospective business strategy is the passion for working with top-notch allies. IBC has a deep-rooted pioneering character and a treasure of remarkably consistent background.

We intend to reside at the top of each industry's cutting edge so that we may advance to generate an advantage for our society and government.

We are gratified of our past accomplishments and enthusiastic about our future ones. We look ahead to maintaining our progress adjacent to each of our partners.

Harry – Hemant Kaushik
President & Chief Executive Officer
International Brand Consulting Corporation, USA

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